Find a Therapist in New Orleans

New Orleans is unique for so many reasons.  A festive, celebratory culture is one of the ways in which New Orleans distinguishes itself.  Given the emphasis on fun, it is interesting that New Orleans also has a higher rate of depression when compared to other geographic locales.  Recent reports indicate that residents of New Orleans report more days a month of poor mental health than both state and national averages.

Mardi Gras exemplifies the city’s mindset to, "laissez les bon temps rouler” or let the good times roll. Mardi Gras involves not one, but many days of parades, parties and celebrations. 

During this holiday season, it is almost impossible to stay in a daily routine.  It is not unusual to eat more junk food, drink more alcohol and get less sleep. When the partying is over, many face weight gain, fatigue and falling behind at work. Mardi Gras also impacts children. Both home life and school life change during this time. All of this disturbance in the day-to-day tends to cause stress on the entire family unit.


How to Find a Therapist in New Orleans

Whether you live in New Orleans or someplace else, it is essential to find a therapist you feel is a good fit and who really understands your needs. Here are some places to start:

●      Ask a Friend: If you have a friend that has had a positive experience in therapy, ask what worked and what did not. Contacting your friend’s therapist and seeking additional referrals is a place to begin your search.

●      Turn to the Internet: There are several resources online, like Better Help or Psychology Today that provide you with surveys and other resources to connect you with local therapists. Now that we live in an online world, how you respond to these surveys or forms can be helpful in matching you with the right therapist.

●      Make some phone calls: Contacting therapists directly may seem daunting but it is probably the most effective way to determine if you have found a good match. A brief conversation will often help you clarify whether scheduling an initial visit makes sense.  


Find A Therapist in New Orleans Today

If you are ready to make the investment in your mental health, or you know of a loved one who is, give Dr. Elfant a call. You can reach Dr. Elfant at (504) 319.6800 or contact her online. She will always respond to you personally. For more posts from Dr. Elfant, check out her blog and read her post on The Physical Symptoms of Depression.